Sill Media is a web development company focusing on providing high-quality web applications. We focus on providing solutions that are easily accessible to both the user and client. This means understanding the project, users, client and working from their to meet your goals. Our solutions are specifically designed for each project from the ground up. Whether we use Drupal, Wordpress, a framework or something else we aim to choose the right platform for your application.

How can a small web development firm help my company? 

Many projects fails due to overhead, too many people on a project, non-technical people making technical decisions, etc... With a small web development firm like Sill Media we work closely with you and you can rest assured that   

We will work with you in whatever facet you need: web development, maintenance of a website or consulting on a project.

Have an RFP you'd like to submit or just have a chat about your current site. Contact us today to see how we can help.

About Jeff

Jeff's technical background is in Electrical Engineering, receiving a Masters of Science in Applied Electromagnetics. After completing his masters, Jeff started teaching himself Web Development. At first it was more out of curiosity but eventually bubbled into his passion. Starting with WordPress, Jeff spent the first couple of years working with the versatile platform creating ad-revenue generating sites. These ad-revenue generating sites often achieved a number #1 ranking for their keywords due to the website setup, content and SEO efforts. 

Over the past three years, Jeff and Sill Media transitioned to providing web-development services with Drupal becoming the platform of choice. Drupal provides the power, flexibility and user-experience to create a great website. Jeff has worked on websites of all sizes from small-scale to very large and complex such as the Emmys.  

"Choose a job you love And you will never have to work a day in your life" - Confucius




Jeff knows WordPress inside-out and has helped me with our website the past couple of years. He delivers great value and is very professional in all aspects of his business. I would highly recommend Jeff for any web based work!


I've worked with Jeff on a number of different projects over the last four years and have always found him to be very professional and committed to returning quality results. Jeff is an excellent Drupal Developer and has consistently exceeded our expectations on projects while staying on budget and time. One of his greatest skills is being able to evaluate our requests and recommend the best solution for implementing them, whether that meant using an existing Drupal module or him proposing an alternate approach to achieve the same or better results. Jeff is detail-oriented, incredibly efficient, and always quick to respond to our inquiries or requests for help. I look forward to working with him on future projects.


Jeff had been an enormous asset to our company. He had given us a lot of extremely high quality work. He's not only intelligent, communicative, proactive, but also made of the highest quality of moral fibre. The projects that Jeff has worked on with me, he has given us awesome coding & development. Jeff is an excellent all around human being, and any group of people would be extremely lucky to count him in their mids.

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