Selma Movie
The official website for the major motion picture Selma.
A responsive long page brochure type website built in Drupal using panels and Radix as the base theme.
Med Guard Report
Med Guard Report is a web application to record domestic violence incidents in hospitals.
The Emmys website involved developing an interactive, media rich website for high-traffic conditions while integrating the content from two Drupal 6 sites into one Drupal 7 site.
California Fuel Cell - Homepage
California Fuel Cell Project
California Fuel Cell Partnership a website providing information on Fuel Cells in California required a new design to provide a fresh look and improve their user-experience.
WestGrid required a full site redesign and content migration from Drupal 6 to 7.
Kelowna Ultimate Players Society
Kelowna Ultimate required a full site-redesign to run the local ultimate frisbee league.
Fun Scavenger Hunts
Fun Scavenger Hunts is a revenue generating website from Sill Media. The site required multiple user-level access and flexibility on where and how the content is displayed throughout the site.
Super Mario Party Supplies
Super Mario Party Supplies is an ad-revenue generating website from Sill Media built on the WordPress platform.
Mission Creek Animal Hospital
Mission Creek Animal Hospital is a website built for a local veterinarian clinic.
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