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Web Development

Sill Media has been providing web development services for 3+ years with projects ranging from small to very large and everything in between. Our crowning glory to this point is being the co-lead developer on the Emmys website (on contract for dsire). This was a very large and complicated project with tight timelines, furthermore, the site had to withstand the traffic requirements of the Primetime Show night. The end result was a highly successful website withstanding 3,500,000 page views in a 24 hour period and winning two interactive Media Awards for Best in Class and a webby award! 

We provide web development services for a variety of clients and applications. Whether you're looking for a more in-depth project requiring multiple types of content and pages or something a little simple we can work with you to achieve a successful site. We choose the platform on a per-project basis working with you to provide the website and user-experience you require. Drupal is our platform of choice for websites with much complexity but are open to working with WordPress when the project is suitable. 

Contact us to find out more how Sill Media can help with your project. 

Responsive Websites

The web is no longer simply a desktop based system any longer. People are looking at your website on their phone, tablet, watch, computer, fridge, cars and more! Sill Media has completed numerous mobile and reposnive based websites for various clients. Highlights include the Emmys (mobile), WestGrid (responsive), Stanford Engineering (responsive) and more! 

Let us transform your website into a site ready for any device!

Service Agreements

When your project is finished your web development needs don't end! 

At Sill Media we're committed to not only creating quality products but also supporting them. We have maintained websites for over 120 cumulative months between all of our clients ranging from 1 - 40 hours per month.  

Our process starts with a complete audit of the site. The audit helps us find any red-flags, pitfalls, performance issues, etc... We can also look into SEO, sugestions for improvements and more if interested. Having served and maintained up to 10 websites at a time (as the Service Agreement Manager at ImageX Media) we know understand what is required to keep a website safe and clients satisfied. 

If you have a site that you need maintained or a contract web-developer consider Sill Media. 

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